Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week we are going to be looking at different types of poetry and having a go at writing your own. 


Lesson 1:
LO: to show awareness of the writers’ craft by commenting on use of language, grammatical features and structure of texts.
I can: 
- Make predictions about the meaning of a poem.
- Use language to infer meaning.



CBBC Stars perform poems!

Watch some well known CBBC stars from your favourite shows perform poems.

Task 1:

Read the poem.


Look for words in each verse of the poem that you can identify as key words. 


Find definitions using a dictionary. 


Task 2:

Use the key words to make a prediction about what you think each verse is about.


Lesson 2
LO: to learn a range of poetry. 
I can: 
 - Read a poem aloud.
 - Add appropriate actions to a poem.

Read the poem and have a go at putting actions to the poem using the style of Michael Rosen

Lesson 3
LO: to identify and explain how writers use grammatical features for effect. 
I can: 
- Identify features of a poem.
- Explain how features are used and how these are effective. 


Lesson 4 - spellings

Lesson 4
LO: select vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect what the writing requires, doing this mostly appropriately 
I can: 
- Choose appropriate vocabulary suitable for the text type. 
- Consider vocabulary and its impact on the reader. 


Task 1: sort the nouns into abstract nouns and common nouns.

Task 2:

Have a go at writing your own sentences using abstract and common nouns from the list. 


Make them as creative as you can!