Reevy Hill Primary School

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Monday 12th July 2021        

LO: To spell the common exception words


Today we are going to be writing about our time in year 1 using some of the year one common exception words.


Think about what you have enjoyed the most about year 1?

What have you not enjoyed?

What is your best memory from this year?

What have you been really good at and what would you like to work on for next year?


Write sentences using the common exception words below.


School, friend, some, my and was.


Wednesday 14th July 2021          

LO: To punctuate sentences using a question mark.


Today you are going to be writing a letter to your new teacher with some questions you want to ask about next year.


Remember we need to use capital letters for names and question marks at the end of the questions.



Dear Miss Simms


I am looking forward to being in your class next year but there are a few questions I would like to ask before I start.

What time do we have break?

What subjects do we learn?

Who will I be sat next to?


From ....


Now think of your own questions and write your letter. Don't forget to put a question mark on the end.



Thursday 15th July 2021          

LO: To use alternative phonemes 


Today you are going to be drawing someone in your class. Once you have done this, think of some adjectives to describe them e.g funny, tall, nice. Then use the adjectives to write a few sentences about them. e.g Sarah is really tall and she has blue eyes. She makes me laugh when she tells funny jokes.  


Friday 16th July 2021          

LO: To use capital letters for names of people 


Today we are going to be writing all about the talent show we saw yesterday, making sure we use capital letters for people's names. We are also going to try use the 'ing' suffix in our writing.




Yesterday we watched the school talent show which was really exciting. John from our class did a dance which was amazing. Sarah from Year 2 sang a song which was really good and Belle played the flute. 


Don't forget to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in your writing.