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LO - To retrieve and record information from a text.


Re read the WAGOLL 



Into the Forest

One cold, rainy night I was woken up by a terrible sound. The next morning, everything was quiet. Dad wasn’t home. Curiously, I asked mum when he was coming back but she didn’t know. I wondered if he was still at work? I love my smart, caring dad and missed him very much. The next day, mum asked me to take a delicious, sweet cake to my Grandma, who was feeling very poorly. My amazing, caring Grandma always tells me fascinating stories when I go to her house.

There are two ways to get to Grandma’s house. The long way and the short way which takes you through the forest. Mum said “Don’t go into the forest. Go the long way round.”

But that day, for the first time, I chose to take the long way home because I wanted to be home just in case dad came back. After a while, I saw a sweet, little boy with a huge, spotty cow.

“Do you want to buy a nice milky moo cow? I’ll swap it for that delicious, fruity cake in your basket,” he said.

“No thank you. The cake is for my poorly grandma,” I muttered and quietly walked off.

After a few moments, I met a little girl in a pretty, stripey dress with long, golden hair.

“What a pretty, brown basket you have! I’d love a slice of that scrumptious cake,” she said. 

“No, sorry. It’s for my poorly Grandma” I replied and walked off.

Nervously, I kept on walking. The forest was becoming darker and colder. I saw two little children huddled by a hot, blazing fire.

“Have you seen our mum and dad?” said the scared, little girl.

“No, sorry,” I replied.

Cautiously, I walked on. I could hear the dreadful sound of the little girl crying, but what could I do? I was getting very cold. I wish I’d bought my coat with me but I foolishly left it at home.

Suddenly, I saw a bright red, fluffy coat hanging on a long, curly tree branch. It was warm and cosy but as soon as I put it on I started feeling scared as if somebody was following me. All of a sudden, I remembered one of Grandmas stories about an evil, hairy wolf. I ran as fast as I could, but I couldn’t find the path. I ran deeper into the gloomy, isolated forest but I was lost.

In the distance, there was a brown, wooden cottage. Thankfully, I had found grandma’s house. I knocked on the huge, rusty door and suddenly a voice called out,

“Who’s there?” but it didn’t sound like Grandmas voice at all.              

“It’s me. I’ve brought cake from mum.” Anxiously, I pushed the door open slightly.

“Come in my dear,” the peculiar voice called.

I was petrified. Slowly and carefully, I crept in. There in Grandmas huge, cosy bed was… Grandma! She gave me a cuddle and asked me how I was. All of a sudden, I heard a strange noise behind me so I carefully turned around… It was DAD! I told them about everything that happened in the forest and we had a lovely, hot drink. Later that evening, we said bye to grandma and headed off home.

  • Read and understand the questions
  • Scan the text for key words
  • Highlight the answer in the text using an highlighter


  1. What is the weather like in the beginning of the story? What adjectives are used to describe it?
  2. Why was it quiet at home?
  3. How do you know the boy loves his dad?
  4. Why does the boy think his grandma is amazing?
  5. Look at the first paragraph. Can you spot any conjunctions?
  6. Why do you think the boys mum said “Don’t go into the forest, go the long way round.”?
  7. Who did the boy first meet in the forest?
  8. He met a girl in the forest. What adjectives are used to describe what the girl looked like?
  9. What did the girl want from the boy?
  10. How do you know the boy was getting scared when he was walking through the forest? Can you find clues from the text?
  11. Why did the boy feel scared when he put the red coat on? What did he suddenly remember?
  12. Whose was the ‘peculiar voice?’ Who did the boy think it might have been?
  13. How did the boy feel at the start and at the end?

Challenge – Can you think of some of your own questions for your friend?


LO - To ask questions to improve my understanding of a text.

Which one of these sentences is a question? Can you add the question ?Where it needs to go?


1. I am in year 3

2. Is it going to rain today

3. In Geography we are learning all about Bradford


Now write down 5 things that happened in the story.


Can you think of some questions to ask the boy?

Use the 5 w's

- Why?






No think of some questions to ask mum.


LO - To use conjunctions in my writing.


What is a conjunction?


A conjunction is like glue. It helps stick things together. A conjunction joins words, phrases and sentences which are called clauses. 


Using the pictures above to write sentences next to each picture using conjunctions from the word bank above e.g and, but, so .yet, or, because.....


LO - To use fronted adverbials of time in my writing.

Fronted adverbials are used to describe different things but today we will be using them to describe the time something happens e.g. Before sunrise, Darius crept into the beast’s cave.


Use the examples below to help you write sentences about the pictures.


LO - To use fronted adverbials of cause in my writing.

Use the examples above to write sentences about the pictures below.