Reevy Hill Primary School

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This week we are continuing with our work on The Enormous Crocodile 


Please remind yourself of the story by reading the WAGOLL below:


This week we are beginning to plan our own 'big write' of the story.


Start by substituting the main character for your own animal! Which other animals might you find in the jungle? 

Brainstorm possible ideas. Can you come up with any expanded noun phrases? e.g. the sly, slithering snake...


Now add your own character into the story instead of the Crocodile. How might the ending change? Will the outcome be the same? 


Plan your paragraphs.. What happens in the beginning, middle and end? 


Write your draft of the story thinking about the key features to include e.g. expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials of time and manner...


Send your drafts to