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Week 2 - Main Activity


Write a Biography!


This week, we would like you to research a person of your choice and write a biography.


Who shall I write about?

You can choose any person of your choice. Why not research your favourite author? Sports person? Celebrity? Music artist? Or a famous person in History?


You could also contact family members and write a biography about their life. You never could uncover an exciting family story!


Remember... to create a biography, you must:

 Write about a real person's life

 Research the person you are writing about

 Include facts such as:

  • birth date
  • date of death (if they are no longer alive)
  • Early life
  • Why they are famous/important
  • Main events in the person life
  • Some fun facts 


Examples of Biographies:

Week 2 - 10 minute Writing Challenge:


Jungle Drop



Get your pen and writing book at the ready! Watch the video introduction below to learn about your week 1 challenge.

Remember to:

  1. Choose an object and turn it into a portal
  2. Think about where the portal will take you
  3. Write that WORLD-CROSSING moment!


Happy Writing! laugh


Week 2 - Picture of the Week - Free Writing





Story Starter:


Toby had thought the art gallery a boring place to visit. In fact, he had said as much to his mum as he trudged up the grand, stone steps to the entrance an hour earlier. “Mummmmm” he had complained, “I hate coming here. The animals never dooooo anything.”

Toby was now thinking he had been wrong. His jaw dropped and he stared in utter disbelief at the sight in front of him, pointing as water cascaded onto the floorboards from the painting containing a herd of elephants stampeding through the Ganges river. Toby could not believe his eyes: this trip was starting to get interesting…



Don't forget to share all of your fantastic writing using the year group email address: