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Doing our bit...Saying 'Thank You!'




There are lots of amazing people all over the world working very hard to help others during this difficult time.


Nurses and doctors are working incredibly hard to try and save other peoples lives.

Shop workers are also working very hard to make sure that you all have plenty of food to eat.

The post man/lady is waking up early every morning to try and make sure that your post is delivered on time.

Your teachers are working super hard to make sure that you all have lots of fun activities to keep you busy at home!

There are also lots of other key workers who are working very hard everyday to try and help.



This week I would like you to think of one of these key workers and everything that they are doing to help you and other people around the world.

Can you write a letter to say thank you for all the hard work that they are doing and how much you appreciate them. Once you’ve written your letter, ask an adult to help you find the address and post it out so that all these amazing hard workers know that we appreciate all that they are doing for us! I’m sure they would love to hear this! laugh


When you are writing your letter, think about:


  • Why are you writing this letter? To say thank you? To motivate them to keep going? To tell them that they are doing an amazing job?
  • What are they doing to help others? Are they busy stacking shelfs to make sure that you and your family have plenty to eat at home? What is their job and how do they help?
  • What would happen if they didn't do their job? What if we had no nurses or doctors? no posties? no shopworkers? 
  • Do you have any other special messages for them? Do you think that they are totally awesome or thoughtful for helping us through this difficult time?