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Descriptive writing

When we are doing descriptive writing we need to make sure we are choosing adjectives that will have an impact on the reader.

Lesson 1

Use the BBC Bitesize daily lesson on adjectives. By clicking on the link you will find information, videos and activities to help you select and use adjectives appropriately. 

Lesson 2

Have a go at uplevelling some basic sentences using adjectives. Don't forget to use other writing features we have learnt about this year (personification, brackets, dashes)

Lesson 3

Choose one of the images below and label it with a variety of adjectives that describe what it looks like, feels like, smells like and what you might hear in the setting. 

Lesson 4

Using the adjectives you chose in lesson 3, create a plan of your setting description using the template below. 

There's also a word bank so take a look!

Lesson 5

Now you've planned your description, have a go at writing it.

Have a look at the WAGOLL to give you some ideas.