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Keep a diary...Look back in a few weeks, months or even years and...SMILE!


Lots of you have said that you have enjoyed writing diaries at home so this week I would like you to write a diary entry of your week. It would be lovely for you to look back at your writing in the future and smile about all the memories you made whilst we were in lockdown. laugh


I would love us to keep practising our language skills so each day I would like you to focus on a different language feature :)


Monday - Can you try to add a conjunction in your writing. (and, so, but, because, when, whilst, although).

I helped my mum clean the dishes because she was tired and wanted to have a lie down.


Tuesday - Can you include an adjective in your diary entry. (These are describing words - delicious, juicy, grumpy, beautiful, annoying)

My dad made a delicious cake for desert today.


Wednesday - Can you try to use an adverb in your sentences today. (These words tell us how an action is done - quickly, carefully, slowly, secretly)

I quietly read my reading book whilst my little brother was asleep. I didn't want to wake him up.


Thursday - Can you use an fronted adverbial of time in your sentences today. 

In the morning, I helped my mum make yummy pancakes for breakfast. Later, we went for a ride on our bikes.


Friday - There's a super challenge today if you're up for it!  Can you try to include at least 1 conjunction, 1 adjective, 1 adverb and 1 fronted adverbial of time in your writing today. Good Luck! 



When writing in your diary, think about:


 How did you spend your free time? Did you play with your siblings?  Bake a cake? Build a den in the garden?

What did you have to eat? Was there a meal that you particularly enjoyed that day?

How did you spend your daily exercise? Did you go for a walk? Ride your bike? 

Did you help your parents with any jobs around the house? Wash the dishes? Do the hoover? 

What were your thoughts and feelings throughout the day? Happy, sad, excited? Why did you feel that way?

Write a little bit about the book that you have been reading.



I cannot wait to read all your amazing diary entries. Please send them to