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Mr Wolf


In the deepest, darkest depths of the green, bushy forest, Mr Wolf patiently waited.

His disguise hadn’t worked, but that didn’t concern him. Now, the terrified, little boy thought he was safe. Mr Wolf didn’t think he was. Mr Wolf knew exactly where he was. He could sense him. He could smell him. He could almost taste him…


Lesson 1 - Predictions!

What do you think will happen next?

What will Mr Wolf do to the little boy? What do you think the boy might do? Could he get eaten or could he find a way to escape? Maybe someone wondering by notices and captures Mr Wolf?


I predict that... I think this because


Lesson 2 - Question Time


1. Where is the boy that is trying to escape Mr. Wolf?

2. Who is he/she and why are they being chased?

3. What kind of character do you think Mr. Wolf is?

4. How do you think Mr. Wolf found the person?

5. Why is he dressed in a suit?

6. What is it like inside the tree? How is the boy feeling?

7. If you were inside the tree, how would you escape?

8. Does this story remind you of a famous fairy tale? Which one?



Lesson 3 - Describe me! 

Look at the Mr Wolf. Can you think of some expanded noun phrases to describe him?


e.g. pointy, sharp teeth

long, fluffy fur

large, beady eyes


Now can you think of some sentences to describe the setting around Mr Wolf?

Use the word bank below to help you.


Lesson 4 - Dialogue


Before we can start this lesson we need to recap speech and the rules we need to follow when using speech. Follow the Bitesize link below to quickly remind yourself:

Think of a sentence that Mr Wolf would say to the little boy. How would the little boy respond?


"Now my boy...You can hide from me but I WILL catch you!" yelled Mr Wolf.

"Oh no! I hope he doesn't see me!" cried the little boy. 


Can you think of some of your own dialogue for Mr Wolf and the little boy?

Use the word bank below for synonyms for said.


Challenge - Can you add action into your sentences to show what the character was doing as he was talking?


"Now my boy...You can hide from me but I WILL catch you!" yelled Mr Wolf as he scanned the forest.




Lesson 5 - Finish me off!


Can you complete the story? 

Be as imaginative as you like...maybe in your story Mr Wolf and the little boy become best friends! 


Think about:

  • Are there any other characters in the story apart from Mr Wolf and the little boy?
  • What will be the problem in the story?
  • How will the problem be resolved? 
  • How will the story end?