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Writing Instructions


This week we will be looking at instruction texts.


Activity 1

  Open up the How to Write Instructions PowerPoint document below to remind yourselves of what the features of an instruction text are.

Look at the recipe below. Can you find the features of instructional writing in the text? Use the arrows and self help box to help you.


Now that you have managed to find the features in the text, can you write a sentence for the purpose of each feature?

e.g. A title tells the reader what the instructions are for.

A picture of diagram shows the readers what the finished product should look like.

Activity 2 


Open up the document below to view different types of instruction texts. See if you can identify the features in each instruction text.


Activity 3 - Imperative Verbs

Imperative verbs are sometimes known as 'bossy verbs' because they tell you to do something.


Can you look back at the pancake recipe and make a list of all the imperative verbs that have been used?


Now lets practise using some imperative verbs. Pick any 8 verbs from the word mat above and write a sentence to go with them.

e.g. Eat your ice cream or it will melt.

Fold your clothes.


 Challenge - Can you add an adverbs to show how the action should be done?

e.g. Quickly eat your ice cream or it will melt.

Carefully fold your clothes.


Activity 4


Use the template below to help you write your own instructions for a recipe of your choice.


Here are a few ideas to help if you are stuck:


  • How to make a cup of hot chocolate
  • How to bake a cake
  • How to make a jam sandwhich
  • How to make a cup of tea
  • How to make toast


Remember to include the features using this checklist: