Reevy Hill Primary School

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Writing a Haiku

Lesson 1

Let's find out what a Haiku is! Watch the video and write your own explanation of what a Haiku poem is. 

Haiku: Poetry Writing For Kids

Now have a go at clapping the syllables in these Haiku poems...

Lesson 2: During this lesson you are going to look at some examples of Haiku poems, thinking carefully about what they mean. 


Now listen to the Haiku poems by playing the video. Have a go at learning your favourite ones and see if you can clap out the syllables. 

7 Summer Haiku

Lesson 3: Let's have a go at building a Haiku. Use the jumbled words to create a Haiku about learning during lockdown. 
Now practice reading the Haiku and clapping the syllables to make sure you have got it right. 

Lesson 4: You're now going to have a go at planning and writing your own Haiku about your learning during lockdown. 

Use the word bank and template to help you. 

Lesson 5: Have a go at writing a Haiku on a topic you are interested in.

Here are some ideas:

* Football

* Summer

* School

* Family

* Friends