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Week 8 - Main Activity


Description Writing – Postcards!


Write two postcards as if you are on holiday in two different countries of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland). What details could you include about each country? What would be different?


Challenge: include examples of exaggeration. Make it as persuasive as possible that it is the best or worst place to visit EVER!



Use these links below to help you find out what it is like in different parts of the UK:

You can find a template of a postcard below. You can print and write on this or draw the postcard into your home working book. You can also use the word mats to improve your vocabulary! Just click on the pictures below to make them bigger.

Week 8 - 10 minute Writing Challenge:


'The Vanishing Trick' by Jenni Spangler




Get your pen and writing book at the ready! Watch the video introduction below to learn about your week 7 challenge

Remember to:

  1. Find a photo in your house or in a magazine to write about (or use one of Jenni's examples in the video - skip to 5 minutes )
  2. Once you have your photo, use these headings to help you plan your character:
  • Name and Age
  • Good and Bad traits
  • Mood
  • Skills
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Fears
  • Job
  • Family and Friends


Happy Writing! laugh



Week 8 - Picture of the Week - Free Writing


Without Gravity



Story Starter:


The scientists huddled around the machine looking perplexed. Their laboratory was buried deep underground, away from prying eyes. Usually their experiments went completely unnoticed, apart from the occasional smell of sulphur or waft of grey smoke that made its way to the surface, but this particular experiment would certainly not avoid the headlines… They were in BIG trouble...


Can you continue the story?


Don't forget to share all of your fantastic writing using the year group email address: