Reevy Hill Primary School

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The focus of this week is: Non-Fiction 


This week we will be looking at a new book. 


Lesson 1 - Predict

This is a picture from our new book. 


By looking at this picture, what do you the think the book is about?


Task 1:

Make a prediction about the book. Use these sentence stems to help:


I think that _______ because ______.

I predict that _________ because _______.



Task 2:

Think of at least 5 words to describe the picture.


Lesson 2 - Read the book (Shackleton's journey) 

This is the front cover our new book Shackleton's Journey, by William Grill:



In the documents below 'Shackleton's Journey - text', there are some high quality pictures from the book. Please open the documents and read the text. 



When reading the book (above documents), write down up to 6 words that you do not know the meaning of. Use a dictionary or an online dictionary to find out the meaning of these words.



The video below is a summary of Shackleton's journey. 

Ernest Shackleton's journey by Jesse Kanfer


Lesson 3 - Who was Ernest Shackleton? 

Use the internet to research who Ernest Shackleton was.



  • his early life
  • what he is most famous for
  • his exploration of Antarctica


Take a look at these links to find out more about Shackleton:



Lesson 4 - WAGOLL 


Read through the 'Shackleton's Journey WAGOLL' (document below) and then answer the 'Shackleton's Journey questions - editable' (document below).


If you prefer to type your answers, you can do so on the 'editable' document.


Lesson 5 - Summary and questions 

Read the 'Stromness whaling station - extract' from the book (below).


  1. Write a few sentences to summarise what you have read
  2. How do you think the men were feeling when they spotted the harbour?
  3. Write up to 3 questions you have about the text