Reevy Hill Primary School

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Creative Writing

Use the picture and story starter to write a piece of creative writing. Don’t worry too much about spelling and punctuation at first. Write out your story, making it as exciting as possible, then go back and edit it just like we do in school!



Story Starter

After all the months of preparation and building excitement the big day had finally arrived. In unison, the balloons all took off into the air, leaving the cheering crowd far below, gasping at the magnificent spectacle.

A difficult journey lay ahead, and surely not all of the balloons would make it, but they had to try – the prize of £1’000’000 for the first crew to make it around the world was a great incentive…

Get creative- Perfect Picture

Imagine you are a crew member for one of the balloons. Can you draw everything you would take with you on the journey?


Discussion Starters

Use these discussion starters to create a piece of writing.

Example: ‘Would it be a good thing to be famous?

  1. You could start by writing a list of positive and negative reasons to be famous
  2. Talk to someone else about the topic. What do they think?
  3. Write a debate about the two points of view.

Before you start writing, why don’t you discuss the speech bubble topic with someone else first? They may help you see more than one point of view to help you form your viewpoint when writing.