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The focus of this week is: Non-Fiction 


This week we are continuing with our book: Shackleton's Journey. 


Lesson 1 - Making notes 

Watch the video below about the explorer Bear Grylls and make notes from it.

Have you found out any new facts? Any new vocabulary?

Bear Grylls in Borneo Jungle

Survival expert Bear Grylls finally reaches a river big enough to take a raft, a possible route to civilisation. However, the strong currents of the brown river could lead to a dangerous turn. Follow Bear Grylls in his quest to surviving the jungle.


Lesson 2 - Research 

Using the internet, find some information about these 3 explorers:

Neil Armstrong

Roald Amundsen 

Captain James Cook


Use the Explorers research sheet below to record your findings.


Lesson 3 - Planning 

Using your research notes from lesson 2, Box Up your information about the 3 explorers.


Please use the Box Up plan below to write your plan or draw your own table similar to the box up.


Lesson 4 - Write your fact file 

Write your fact file about the explorers that you have researched about.


Lesson 5 - Edit 

Now that you have written your fact file about the three explorers, it's time to make it even better. Edit your fact file.

Use the word mats from the previous weeks.