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This week we will be taking part in the Bradford Literature Festival.  There will also be some live online events- see Activity 3. 


There are a number of activities that you can get involved with.


Activity 1

Below is a picture of  John Hegley, who is a famous poet.


 Here are some interesting facts about him.




 Visit the website below and listen to him read some of his poems.

John Hegley: New & Selected Potatoes

Poet, comic, singer, songwriter and glasses-wearer, John Hegley has captivated and devastated audiences all over the country, in theatres and festivals.

A well known poem written by John Hegley  is  My Dog is a Carrot.   Read the poem below and complete the following tasks:

  • What do you think ‘My dog is a carrot’ means?
  • Write your own poem with the title – My Dog is a Carrot.
  • Enter the John Hegley Competition (optional)- Open the document below for more information:


Activity 2 

Using the link provided watch the cartoon version of Peter Pan



Peter Pan ᴴᴰ [Latest Version] - Mega Episode [1] - Animated Cartoon Show

Peter Pan, a 3D animation show, features young Peter, who can fly and never grows up! He lives on the magical island of Neverland where he finds his friends ...


  • Write a paragraph to describe the setting of the story.

Activity 3

On Thursday 2nd July,  Bradford Literature Festival will host some live events.  Don't miss out!   Log on to the website below:

Activity 4


Take part in the Primary Poetry Day.  Click on the link below for more information.