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The Wishgranter


This week we have another short animation about a wishgranter whose job it is to make peoples wishes come true.



Do you know who lives below wishing wells?  In this short animation, we find out that beneath each wishing well lives a small creature.  A magical granter of wishes. 
When a wish for love becomes stuck in the wishing well machine, the Wishgranter springs into action and does everything he possibly can to help!  Although not everything goes to plan, all is well in the end!


Watch the video to see what happens!

"The Wishgranter"

What was your favourite part?


I hope you enjoyed this short animation. Pretty good wasn't it? Can you write some sentences to explain what your favourite part was and why? Was there anything you didn't like? 




Can you draw a picture of the different characters who made a wish? Next to the picture can you draw a speech bubble and include what you think their wishes are.



I Wish...


What are your wishes and dreams? Draw a picture of your wish.


Retell the story in your own words


Have a go at writing the story in your own words. Remember to include adjectives and adverbs using the word banks below to help you: