Reevy Hill Primary School

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The Enormous Crocodile


Lesson 1 - Task 1

Look at the front cover and blurb of our new text. Can you predict what you think might happen?

Remember to use clues from the cover and blurb to support your predictions.




I predict that...I think this because on the cover I can see...

I predict that...I think this because on the blurb it tells me...


Task 2 -


Read the WAGOLL and use the key below to highlight all of the grammatical features used to make this a fantastic piece of writing!



Lesson 2 


Read the text again and then have a go at answering the questions below:



Lesson 3 


Can you think of some questions you would like to ask the sneaky crocodile? Use the question starters and think of different types of questions. Once you're done, use a different coloured pen to record how you think the crocodile might answer.


Why do you like to eat children?

I love eating children because they are juicy and have tasty bones. They taste much better than adults!