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The Tin Forest


We are looking at a new book for the next four weeks in English - Writing, called The Tin Forest.


This week you have three tasks to complete.


Task 1 - WAGOLL

Read the Tin Forest WAGOLL below and write down any fronted adverbials and conjunctions that you can find.

For example,

Fronted adverbials - one day, later that evening,

Conjunctions - and, if, although, but

Task 2 - Fronted adverbials

Please follow the BBC Bitesize link to learn about fronted adverbials.


Then think of at least three different fronted adverbials for the picture below. Once you've done that, write each one in a different sentence. Remember to use a comma after the fronted adverbial.


For example, 

Later one night, the old man dreamed.




Task 3 - Coordinating conjunctions

Please follow the BBC Bitesize links to learn about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.


Coordinating conjunctions:

Subordinating conjunctions:


Then, write down at least two different sentences for the picture below where you use a subordinating and a coordinating conjunction.


For example,

The old man built a forest but it was not the forest of his dreams.

The old man sat on the branch when he planted a petal.