Reevy Hill Primary School

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Lesson 1:
LO: identify and discuss the conventions of different text types. (poetry)
I can:  
- Identify key features of different poems. 
- Present information about a poetry style. 


This week we are focusing on Christmas poems. 

Have a look at the different styles of poetry. 


Look at each poem and see if you can identify which poem is which style using the information sheets below. 

Lesson 2:
LO: to identify a theme in poem.
I can: 
-    Make predictions about the meaning of a poem.
-    Use language to infer meaning.



Read the poem Scarecrows Christmas.


Can you make a prediction on what the poem is going to be about using PEE?

Look at each verse of the poem.

Highlight the key words that give us an idea of what the poem is about.


Lets look at verse 1 together: 


Now go through the rest of the poem and look at each verse separately. 

Lesson 3:
LO: to prepare poems to read aloud. 
I can: 
- Identify appropriate words and language suitable for a particular poetry style.
- Prepare a poem with a kindness theme.  



Lesson 4:
LO: to prepare poems to read aloud and perform.
I can: 
-    Comment on the tone, intonation and action of the reader when reading a poem aloud. 
-    Practise reading a poem aloud ready for a performance. 



Now have a go at writing your own poem. 

Use the Scarecrow poem as an idea or create one of your own. 

Use the words that you used in lesson 3 and the language features that you explored. 


Look forward to reading them when you return to school!



This week we are focusing on different sentence types


- question

- command 

- exclamation 

- statement 


Use the power point below to help you learn which one is which. 


Then have a go at the different activities.