Reevy Hill Primary School

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Y3 Badger

Autumn 1

Week 1- Anaiyah for settling into a new school and impressing me with her work.

Week 2- Honey for always being on task and doing the right thing.

Week 3- Rio for being polite and impressing me with his mental maths.

Week 4- Kesten for always trying hard and producing neat English work.

Week 5- Lucas for impressing me with his Geography knowledge.

Week 6- Jordie for improving her behaviour and handwriting.

Week 7- Reggie

Autumn 2

Week 1- Austin for his impressive maths results

Week 2- Harrison for improving his behaviour and taking pride in his work

Week 3- Daniele for improving her handwriting

Week 4- Layton for his impressive English work

Week 5- Tyler for his mental maths and TT rockstars marks

Week 6- Connor for helping others and trying hard

Week 7- Matilda for always doing the right thing

Spring 1


Week 1- Elsa for her maths skills.

Week 2- Eiliyah for always contributing well in lessons and her impressive story writing.

Week 3- Evie for her neat handwriting and English work.

Week 4- Belle for trying harder in lessons.

Week 5- Gracie for contributing more in lessons and listening to feedback given to her. 

Week 6- Ailyah for improving her behaviour and contributing more in lessons.

Week 7- Melody for always following the school rules and completing all her work. 

Spring 2

Week 1- Arthur- working hard to improving his behaviour 

Week 2- Evie- always presenting her work well and trying hard in lessons

Week 3- Maisie - working more independently in lessons