Reevy Hill Primary School

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Year 3

Year 3 curriculum overview 2020 - 2021:

Autumn 1:

The first half term is all about Music, whether it be production, writing, rhythm and notes, remixing, it is all covered in the various levels of iJam. Year 4 have been focusing on dance music and the various sub-genres while Year 3/4 have focused on creating a full song while listening to each instrument. Each class has done really well getting back into the new year, it’s been nice to meet the new year 3s and see some friendly known faces in year 4.

Next half-term is iProgram so full attention of each class needed since they will be learning about algorithms.

Autumn 2:

This half-term the students have been learning about algorithms and problem solving in their respective levels of iProgram. The year 3s had their introduction to programming in Level 1, which starts where the children had to lead characters through levels to get the end. They do this by selecting the action the character will take and then running those actions once they are all input. Level 2 involves creating their own arcade games on their iPads which they can customise as much as they are able to, which they can look forward to in year 4, 5 & 6. The students have done really well in learning their respective levels, especially when the levels of concentration needed for this activity is higher than that of some of the other activities. Next half-term the children will be doing iDesign where they learn about E-safety or design different things based on a brief.

Spring 1:

iDesign has been this half-term’s activity which includes a variety of design projects. Level 1 is the activity that the year 3s have been learning, this includes E-safety which covers safety while on the internet, using different devices and playing games both online and offline etc. 

Next half-term’s activity is iAnimate where the children will be using Lego or other figures to create stop motion animations, this will test their imagination and allow them to think about how stories are put together and write their own.