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History at Woodside


At Woodside Academy the purpose of History is to provide pupils with a solid knowledge of Britain’s past and the wider world as well as developing their critical thinking through discussion and questioning of historical events. Our Curriculum is designed to improve pupil knowledge, inspire curiosity and fascination for learning about the past and how it affects us today.


In Foundation Stage pupils begin thinking about the more recent past such as their Grandparents and when they were a baby. They are introduced to words associated with the past.


Pupils in Key Stage 1 begin to develop their awareness of chronology and key words associated with time and the past. They have opportunities to compare their own lives with people from the past to make it more significant to them, as well as being introduced to historical sources.


Pupils in Key Stage 2 explore topics from the past in more depth, develop their sense of chronology, and improve their questioning and research skills through the use of Primary and Secondary sources.

Our long term plan shows the units of work covered in each year group plus the visits and visitors planned.