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"To have another language is to possess a second soul"




At Woodside Academy we believe that modern foreign languages are very important, research shows that language learning at schools boosts overall literacy and another core subjects. Languages develops cognitive flexibility and improves multitasking and creativity.

We follow the Primary Languages Network Scheme of work, the Long Term Plans guide step by step through the intentions of the curriculum: key focus, age and stage appropriate, content, phonics, grammar and the language learning skill level the children will be working at in each year or stage of learning.

The Medium Term Plans for each unit contain core vocabulary lists, key performance indicators, learning objectives, an overview of the sequence of lessons, links to the Puzzle It Out diagnostic assessments plus examples of real children’s work as a comparative guide for your own classes’ outcomes.

At Woodside, we know the importance of being a confident linguistic and to have more and better understanding of the world around us.




The language learning must be age and stage appropriate, must be primary centric and based on good primary practice. The long term view of the themes explored and how children revisit core themes and build on core language and content over four years with our 4 year SOW overviews

How and when to teach themes and topics has been determined by age and stage of learners, progress in language knowledge, links to school calendar and times of year or sometimes the whole school curriculum focuses.

Activities need to reach all learners and address both the needs of the children who are learning the language and the needs and levels of linguistic knowledge of the teachers who are facilitating the learning.

Learning should include games, songs, and four core skills of language learning, opportunities to build language learning skills, culture, and stories etcetera.

Lesson plans (BeCreative) or click through sequences of learning (Click2Teach) show the sequence of actual activities you use to deliver primary languages and the outcomes expected of the children. The lessons BeCreative and Click2Teach could be deliver for a specialist teacher and Click2Teach for a non specialist.


Lessons are taking place a least once a week.





The progress is built into all three options of the KS2 schemes of work in phonics, grammar, acquisition of vocabulary, development of language learning skills and cultural (age appropriate) knowledge. The SOW overview, the LTPs, the MTPs, the individual lesson learning objectives are helping us at Woodside Academy in KS2 build and track this progress. It’s embedded in the lesson planning! These details are also in the LTPs and MTPs too.

We use AfL clouds to formatively assess individual pupil progress, then have some ready to show in books or folders and that the children are really using in their books to evaluate their own progress and developing understanding. The children can use these to talk about their learning and progress with a class visitor too.

All the PLN KS2 schemes and the diagnostic tools are offer based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference level A1 - cusp of A2 over the four years in KS2) and for our English schools are aligned with the current DFE KS2 MFL POS and the language learning skills’ 12 bullet points “Attainment Targets” to be reached over four years of KS2 language learning.


“Puzzle It Out” assessments have been designed to track progress of individual pupils in their knowledge of language, skills and sentence structure across the four core skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing, Have ready to share examples of the Puzzle It Outs from a range of abilities and staged (CEFR A1 - cusp A2) that your KS2 classes have completed.

Examples of work in books is key too.

Accurate pronunciation

Independent speaking (words, sentences, etc).

Copy accurate / independent writing (words, sentences, paragraphs)

Understanding vocabulary in different situations

Year 6

Year 5

Year 4

Year 3

Year 2

Year 1