Reevy Hill Primary School

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“Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.”


Stephen Hawking

Science Lead - Ms S Aslam


Science at Woodside Academy stimulates and excites children’s curiosity about the world they live in and fosters in the children a respect for the environment.  The teaching of science; encourages children to be curious and  to ask questions about what they observe; help them to develop enquiring minds; broaden their scientific view of the world and enable them to gain a deeper understanding of scientific ideas.


The Science Curriculum aims to:

  • Provide opportunities for children to learn through first hand practical experience
  • Encourage and maintain curiosity
  • Develop logical thinking and investigation skills
  • Equip children with skills needed to work scientifically 
  • Develop questioning skills
  • Enable children to make sense of their world in a practical way
  • Build and secure scientific knowledge and develop understanding
  • Deepen children’s understanding  and knowledge through educational visits and trips
  • Foster attitudes of co-operation, originality, self-discipline, self-criticism, sensitivity, respect for evidence, independence, open-mindedness, perseverance and responsibility


At Woodside Academy we promote a science rich vocabulary and follow the science programme of study in the National Curriculum.

Examples of Science work 

Science Enrichment 


This year at Woodside Academy, we are lucky to have some wonderful enrichment opportunities for the children to take part in. These opportunities link directly to the curriculum and are a fantastic way for children to consolidate and deepen their scientific understanding. 


  • Reception - Trip to Tong Garden Centre, learning how to look after their own plants  
  • Year 1 - Zoo Lab, linking to their work on animals including humans
  • Year 4 - Science of Sound workshop
  • Whole School - Sublime Science workshop