Reevy Hill Primary School

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Phonics & Early Reading

At Woodside Academy we follow the Little Wandle Letters and sounds scheme. This begins in Nursey and continues throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1. 

Phonics in Nursery 

Nursey begin their Phonics journey with Little Wandle's Foundation for Phonics scheme of work. This is the basis for Phonics learning and focuses heavily on sounds children can hear in words and rhymes as well as oral blending. These sessions are very play based, often including a game. By working through this programme in Nursery we ensure that children are ready to access the Little Wandle scheme when they move to Reception.



Phonics in Reception 

Children in Reception have formal Phonics teaching daily as well as targeted support and daily keep up sessions should they need it. Each session gives children a chance to revisit their prior learning and to learn new sounds at a pace that helps them to blend words to read as soon as possible.



Early Reading 

All children in EYFS have access to high quality texts daily, both through provision, storytime and key texts that we learn in Literacy. As well as access to stories in school our children all take home a book from our school library and a reading skills book.